About us

About us

Who are we ?


We don’t shoot what it looks like. We shoot what it feels like

We focused on Fashion, Wedding, Pre wedding, Music, Celebrity, Lifestyle, and Commercial Advertising, Vicky has been working as a professional photographer and director for over 15 years. All of these genres of photography enlighten the other and create very unique blends that all fuse into one distinct style.

It is this striking diversity and attention to detail within the various photography genres. Also deals in Commercial, Industrial, Product, Events, Glamour, Live Coverage, Candid Wedding Shoots. Creative in view findings.

I am proud To Be Photographer


Photography means imagination and camera for me. My passion for photography began while  I was child. Peoples around me were using camera as a tool for them to create a valueable space in photography market.  I primarily photographed concerts, wedding shoots and news events. There I developed my talent of translating what I saw through the viewfinder of my camera to film. During that time I built my knowledge of exposure and composition as I fell in love with the timeless simplicity of the black and white image. Living behind camera was my ultimate job but I also loved to be in front of camera and after being there I can easily judge the angles and can describe the exact problem to my models   but after it atlast I found satisfaction and happiness for having a creativity in my hand.


I truly love my job!

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